Netsprint Adserver is contextual ad serving platform developed and managed by Netsprint

Netsprint, a technological marketing leader, has converted into a joint stock company and boosts its plans to create the Polish advertising ecosystem. Closing 2014, the company has unwrapped its plans for the coming months.

Netsprint’s revenue from selling products and services went up by almost 19.3 million PLN in 2014, a 20% increase compared to the previous year, with its estimated sales growth of 35% in the current year. In the same period, its EBITDA stood at 1.85 million PLN. Significantly, nearly all the growth was generated from the sales of new products that had been launched into the market in 2014.

“Last year was one of the most successful years in our history. In that short period of time we have not only managed to implement completely new products in our key areas of operation, i.e. eCommerce, programmatic buying, personalisation, audience buying, content marketing and mobile sector, but we have also combined them to come up with a unique solution for content providers and advertisers. To make sure our offer is transparent and well received by the market, we focused on its straightforwardness so that the jargon and technological complexity would not stand in the way for marketers to achieve their objectives” added Artur Banach, the CEO of Netsprint.

Since last year, when Netsprint changed its ownership structure, the company has been implementing its 3-year strategy. The company wants to strengthen its presence on the online advertising market, provide innovative solutions and by combining them create the Polish advertising ecosystem - an alternative for the global platforms like Facebook and Google.

Owing to Netsprint’s offer, marketers will be able to more precisely target selected users (Netsprint Audience, Audience Report) with their message, attract them to their websites (Adkontekst, ContentStream) and jumpstart their sales (Adkontekst eCommerce, Adfocus). Content providers are getting a wide range of completely new tools to monetise their biggest assets: traffic and anonymous user data.

Netsprint’s transformation into a joint stock company is a crucial element of the overall strategy as the new funding options will uplift the company’s development potential.

“We believe that the increasing role of technology and data in marketing will facilitate Netsprint’s further development. The advertising ecosystem based on our solutions in a close cooperation with the biggest players on the market addresses the major pain-points of the customer journey for e-commerce marketers and managers. As we want to respond even more successfully to the challenges of this group of our customers, the long-term strengthening of the company is absolutely instrumental” - comments Radosław Rejman, the Chairman of Supervisory Board of Netsprint.

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