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Netsprint, a company providing new technological solutions for online marketing, has once again become a Polish-owned company. The new owners are several Polish investors, including Artur Banach, the CEO of Netsprint. Netsprint has also announced its strategy for 2014-2016, geared towards faster development, launch of several new products and revenue uplift.

All the Netsprint shares are owned now by a group of Polish private investors. Artur Banach, for many years now holding the seat of the CEO, is the main shareholder. The Board will remain unchanged (Artur Banach, Łukasz Duda) and is going to continue as before. A new Supervisory Board has been appointed, to be chaired by Radosław Rejman, an experienced manager and investment consultant who was earlier working for Opera TFI. Netsprint was previously owned by Amedia, a Norwegian media group.

The company has adopted its strategy for 2014-2016. Recently, Netsprint has been intensively investing in new technological solutions to enable unique targeting options for online advertisers, personalised ad message profiling and high conversion rate performance. The new owners’ main aims are to use Netsprint’s potential and its staff competence to boost development of the company and to strengthen its position on the key markets. The group is to change its corporate structure and become a joint-stock company.

Netsprint will continue to provide technological solutions to support online marketing. Its key areas of operations are going to be contextual and behavioural advertising as well as RTB (Real Time Bidding). The company will remain focused on developing search solutions for the segment of the most demanding customers, i.e. large eCommerce companies, corporate clients and online news providers.

Within the next 6 months the company is planing to introduce innovative measures in each of the above areas of its business operations. In contextual and behavioural advertising sector, Netsprint will implement Adkontekst eCommerce and Adkontekst Audience, brand new solutions for advertisers. Adkontekst eCommerce is a tool designed for shop owners to conduct performance-based personalised retargeting in CPC (cost-per-click) model. Our first tests of the product showed it ensured a positive ROI, with attractive CPM levels (cost-per-1,000 impressions). Adkontekst eCommerce will be offered as part of (Netsprint-managed) RTB Adfocus platform, whose latest upgrade is soon to be unveiled.

Adkontekst Audience Report is a comprehensive reporting framework on user interests, providing analytics for particular websites. It has been designed to provide answers to advertisers who want to know “Who my customers and users really are”? The tool facilitates cost-effective campaign planing in Adkontekst and ContentStream networks. Our new Dashboard, with easy decision-making navigation, brings this new functionality at a click’s length.

Adkontekst SSP (Supply Side Platform), to be soon unveiled, is an innovative tool for editors, to enable monetization of the ad space in RTB model. Our proprietary algorithms are sure to guarantee a profit uplift for our partners.

ContentStream, Poland’s largest content marketing network, will continue to focus its operations on further development of related content functionality (“read more”), an ideal tool for marketers to recommend site content and its relevant products. Netsprint’s proprietary algorithms, the company has been developing for over 10 years now, are instrumental in optimising continuous online viscosity and deliver unique eCPM rates (an index reflecting the advertising revenue generated per 1,000 impressions).

Netsprint’s latest project to be implemented in a few months’ time is Data Co-Op, based on Netsprint Audience proprietary technology of analysing user data. The state-of-the-art feature consolidates raw user data obtained from content providers and segments it into ready-made consumer marketing profiles (demographics, interests, purchasing intentions). These are provided to marketers, media houses and DSPs (Demand Site Platforms). The Data Co-Op’s ambition is to bridge the gap between Poland’s largest online companies and Google and Facebook, as regards Polish user preference data and developing models that will be able to effectively use it.

We are fully convinced that we’ve got the team, competence and ability to cooperate with the market leaders, to complete the task we’ve undertaken. While the objectives we have set for ourselves, as for the new Netsprint owners and for all its employees, are paramount for us, they should also be the key targets for a sizeable segment of Polish online business. We want to challenge the current nonsense, when Polish advertisers communicate with Polish customers on Polish websites and most of the profit margins are flowing out of the country” - recaps Artur Banach, the CEO of Netsprint.

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