Netsprint Adserver is contextual ad serving platform developed and managed by Netsprint

Onet Marketing Section has implemented Netsprint Audience, an effective solution for targeting ads to particular groups of users.

Netsprint Audience can segment users owing to their interests and history of past and current behaviour. As a result, advertisers can expand their online advertising reach to get their message out to more relevant consumers.

The system collects data on what topical sections and what subjects were sought for by Onet users. Using data gathered in real time, the system assigns users to particular marketing profiles and estimates their count.

Advertisers are provided with 20 pre-defined profiles, ranging from general (Male/Female) to more specific (e.g. parents, geeks). Profiles can be personalised (to make them more relevant to an advertiser’s offer). The system combines data on a user’s past behaviour on with retargeting (data about his/her behaviour on the particular advertiser’s website and ad serving).

Netsprint Audience platform stands out from the competition because it provides quality information about users, based on their real history, choices, search engine queries, articles read and interests.

Owing to its cooperation with Netsprint, Onet Marketing Section can provide Onet users with more interesting, more relevant marketing content delivered directly to advertisers and soon also in the RTB ecosystem. Comprehensive user profiling can improve relevance of preference-based individually personalised content to improve the quality of user visits and boost conversion uplift.

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