Netsprint Adserver is contextual ad serving platform developed and managed by Netsprint

Goldbach Audience has implemented Netsprint Adserver technology, an ad serving and management tool. Netsprint Adserver has replaced another solution for in-text ad serving. The successive stage of the project is going to cover ad box serving.

Goldbach Audience is Poland’s largest ad network. The company provides solutions for display, video and mobile marketing and offers 3 business lines: Reach&Context, Dedicated&Tailor made as well as Audience&Conversion. Last week Goldbach Audience was announced to be the leader of online marketing research in a special report published by “Media and Marketing Polska” and it received a distinction in the category “The Internet”.

Netsprint Adserver is a contextual targeting ad serving and management tool for various ad formats in CPC model on Smartcontext network websites. This targeting method can get your message out to users when they browse online content relevant to your business sector/products/services. Clients who have chosen this option can personally define key words that characterise their products, services, the main focus and range of their business operations. Owing to advanced mechanisms of semantic analysis, ads defined with key words are dynamically served precisely when users browse other websites with relevant context. Clients using Goldbach Audience network can expand their online advertising reach by getting directly to users interested in their offer. Advertisers using Adkontekst network can also serve their ads across the Smartcontext affiliates.

I am glad about the cooperation with Netsprint. In-text campaigns have always been a pivotal element of Goldbach Audience offer. The implementation of a new adserver gives us the opportunity to provide our clients with top quality services” - said Marcin Przygoda, Head of Product and Technology Development, Goldbach Audience.

We are more than happy to have gained Goldbach Audience, a precious partner. Our cooperation will enhance the marketing offer of both companies with new, attractive features and will provide an opportunity to extend a marketing message to virtually all Polish users” - adds Artur Banach, CEO of Netsprint.

Netsprint has been developing its contextual technology almost since its foundation in 2001, gaining valuable experience from its numerous implementations on the European market. Netsprint Adserver operates both on Poland’s largest online websites (Onet,, Polskapresse services and NK) and abroad (in Denmark, Norway, Romania and Bulgaria). Adkontekst, Poland’s largest contextual advertising network, while being a part of Netsprint, provides advertisers with tools to serve their ads to leading opinion-forming Polish websites, including Grupa Wirtualna Polska (WP.PL), Grupa Onet, Grupa Interia, Grupa Gazeta,, Polskapresse, Media Regionalne, Edipresse, Infor and hundreds of other business and hobby websites. Adkontekst covers a total of 2,000 sites, reaching over 92% of all Internet users in Poland (according to a Gemius Megapanel survey).

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