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PR agencies in Internet – NewsPoint report


NewsPoint prepared yet another report concerning the image of public relations agencies on the Internet. The ranking includes 31 popular and frequently mentioned PR agencies on the Polish Internetagencies from among the most popular and most frequently mentioned PR agencies on the Polish Internet. The quantitative analysis covered publications that appeared on websites in the […]


European Championship, Doda and Joseph from the Bog – or what we were looking for on the Web in the first half of 2008

31.07.2008, together with Wirtualna Polska, prepared another list of the most popular searches using the NetSprint search engine. The analysis covered all the queries entered into the search engine from the beginning of January to the end of June 2008. The list of the most popular searched, or the so-called „TOP POP”, clearly shows what […]


The most frequently mentioned cities on the Internet – Report by info-PR and NewsPoint


The report prepared together by NewsPoint and info-PR contains the number of references to ten biggest Polish cities in online media during the last two months. The analysis included cities with more than 300 thousand inhabitants.


Electronic Arts rules! – a NewsPoint report concerning game producers


As many new games were published in June this year, NewsPoint, together with the website and the „Branża Dziecięca” bimonthly prepared a report about how producers specializing in games for children communicate in online media.

more.. and search engines join forces


The Polish search engine and the portal Wirtualna Polska joined their hardware platforms, which allows users to search a much larger database of Polish documents than before. In addition, the effectiveness of fighting spam in search results was greatly increased.


NewsPoint Report: Mayors


In May, the Polish media featured a lot of stories about Polish mayors’ financial disclosures and passing raises for mayors. Yet another important topic was the Metropolitan Act. Due to the above, NewsPoint gathered information about the image of the mayors of the largest Polish cities in online media. The analysis covered mayors of 18 […]


P2P cash loans – NewsPoint about social lending websites


NewsPoint prepared another report concerning Web 2.0-based online services. This time NewsPoint’s experts analyzed social lending portals.


Justyna Skorupska appointed as Foreign Operations Director at


Justyna Skorupska was appointed for the newly-created position of Foreign Operations Director at She will be responsible for coordinating the sales of products and services abroad.

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