Netsprint Adserver is contextual ad serving platform developed and managed by Netsprint

Opoint buys Newspoint shares


Newspoint, formerly a Netsprint brand, is transforming into a partnership and changing its ownership structure. Opoint A.S., Europe’s leading supplier of news monitoring, will own 100% of shares in the new company. Newspoint, the leading expert of social media monitoring in Poland, is to become Opoint’s competence centre in social media monitoring segment. Robert Stalmach, […]


Report from Adkontekst: contextual advertising market is worth over 207 million PLN


Adkontekst contextual and behavioral targeting advertising network has presented its fourth report on the Polish market of contextual advertising. The report is based on an opinion poll conducted among the leading media houses and SEM interactive agencies. This year report’s scope, following strong trends in online marketing, has been broadened to include behavioral targeting and […]


Mobile advertising available on Adkontekst network


Adkontekst contextual advertising network has introduced mobile advertising to expand its offer. This has been yet another step in the company’s new strategy owing to which advertisers have been given a new, powerful tool to be able to precisely target their advertising message. The extension of Adkontekst targeting methods to mobile ad platform meets the […]


Newspoint Launches Dashboard with New Marketing Performance Indicators


Newspoint, an Internet communication monitoring service, introduces new functionalities to facilitate tracking metrics of online communication effects compared to your competitors. The new changes launched in Newspoint dashboard aim at helping marketing specialists who are primarily interested in analyzing Internet marketing efficiency rather than in reading statistics on the number of press releases and their […]


The New Adkontekst To Become a Contextual-Behavioral Network


The latest rebranding of Netsprint (“technology-driven marketing”) coincided with an introduction of new visual identification and refreshed offer provided by Adkontekst. The focus in Adkontekst is now shifting towards providing more effective support to marketers in bringing in new customers and users. The new, cutting edge element of our offer is audience targeting to make […]


Netsprint – A New Strategy, a New Logo, a New Head Office


On 13th February, earlier this year, Netsprint introduced new visual identification for all its brands and refreshed its online services. This came in the wake of the company’s new strategy. The focus now is shifting towards effective solutions providing support for online marketing. Netsprint has also moved house. Its new head office is located in […]


Newspoint has indexed 1,000,000,000 pages


In the beginning of January, earlier this year, Newspoint’s search engine indexed its billionth article in online portals it monitors. Newspoint has maintained its strong position on the Polish market of media monitoring companies. Newspoint’s database contains now more than 40 million articles written in Polish, nearly 400 million articles in English, 175 million articles […]


Retargeting in Adkontekst Boosts Conversion Rate by 380%


NetSprint’s advertising network, Adkontekst, has just summed up the effects of its retargeting campaigns. The technique can make an average user spend three times more time on a website and increase conversion rate four times. For over half a year now, Adkontekst’s network’s advertisers have been able to opt for retargeting functionality. By choosing the […]


Robert Stalmach has become the company’s board


Robert Stalmach has become the company’s board member and Managing Director of Media Monitoring in NetSprint. He is now responsible for the entire policy of Newspoint development. He will also be supporting NetSprint team in developing strategies for advertising solutions. After his appointment to the new position, Robert Stalmach will be responsible for the creation […]


NetSprint Information Access Platform on a Norwegian classifieds portal


NetSprint’s search solution, Information Access Platform, has been implemented in Norway’s third largest local classified ads service that belongs to Edda Media. The software developed by NetSprint helps users of Edda Media’s news portals to find the most interesting job, property and car offers. NetSprint’s search solution, Information Access Platform, allows to search for information […]

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