Netsprint Adserver is contextual ad serving platform developed and managed by Netsprint


Boost your revenue

If you own your service, Netsprint will provide you with complex solutions to boost your revenue through:

  • Displaying context and user targeted ads
  • Adding quality content to your website
  • Using Audience Targeting as a technique that is becoming more important in web marketing.

Adkontekst- targeted ads for your website

contextual and behavioral targeting advertising network
  • High CTRs
  • Wide selection of money making advertising
  • Detailed reports and statistics
  • Profit transferred directly to your bank account
  • Blocking unwanted ads
  • Expert optimization advice

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ContentStream- quality content for your users

ContentStream partner network
  • Widget, a quality measure to improve your service
  • More captivating and functional website design
  • High CTRs of online articles - CTR > 1% - owing to contextual content selection
  • Pay-per-click profit on links
  • Round-the-clock customer service, a team of profit optimization consultants

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Netsprint Audience Netsprint Adserver- maximize your advertising and content revenue

Netsprint Audience
  • Collect behavior and preference data for customers of your services
  • Provide your users with personalized advertising and content
  • Learn more about your users

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