Netsprint Adserver is contextual ad serving platform developed and managed by Netsprint


Maximize your system conversion

If you are thinking about what to do to make your users buy your product, opt for paid content or click on your ad, Netsprint platforms are the ideal solutions for you that offer:


Netsprint Search- boost sales through search technology

Netsprint Search
  • Make it easier for users to find content/products they are looking for
  • Make your web visitors stay longer through suggesting contextually matched articles/products
  • Increase the number of new users through a simple mechanism of creating new topical websites and vertical services, which supports SEO activities
  • Promote paid content and high margin products in search engine operations
  • Reduce bounce rate through removing websites with no search results
  • Keep track of what users most often look for in your service and what sorts of things they look for and can’t find

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- identify user needs

Netsprint Audience
  • Learn more about your users
  • Increase conversion and revenue for CPL, CPA and CPS advertising (improvement of global eCPM)
  • Improve ad relevance and ready-made marketing profiles
  • Reach a wider audience of potential users

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Netsprint Adserver- adjust ad and content relevance to user needs

Netsprint Adserver
  • Extend portfolio of advertised products
  • Emit varied (box, in-text, mobile) ad forms
  • Match contextually relevant ads to service content
  • Use flexible pricing plans
  • Use eCPM automatic optimization option
  • Personalize content depending on user profile

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