Netsprint Adserver is contextual ad serving platform developed and managed by Netsprint

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You no longer have to decide which - contextual, behavioral or retargeting - form of advertising is best for you. You don’t have to know how to find in the Internet your potential customers. You don’t need to understand all the abbreviations that define the online advertising world (RTB, SSP, DSP, CPO, CPV ...). Or know whether or not Advertorial is a part of Content Marketing and and what is behind FBX. This is our job. Our marketing is technology driven. So we have to know that. What we expect you to do is to help us understand your business and marketing objectives. To help us even more effectively get you new customers and users.  

Adkontekst- Poland’s largest contextual and behavioral targeting network

contextual and behavioral targeting advertising network
  • Don’t waste your money - display ads only to potential customers - it is possible owing to behavioral targeting
  • Reach the right audience at the right time - use the potential of contextual technology
  • Using our Adkontekst network you can reach a vast majority of Polish Internet users
  • Promote yourself in Poland’s all leading portals
  • Use a variety of ad forms
  • In PPC campaigns you pay when an Internet user actually visits your site
  • Our Account Manager are always on-hand to ensure both planing and campaign go smoothly - our focus is on your advertising goals - let us run an effective campaign for you

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ContentStream- show quality content from your service

ContentStream partner network
  • Promote content you create in Poland’s largest network that supports Content Marketing
  • 500 partners and several thousand Web services, including Grupa Onet, Axel Springer, Blox, NetShare, Medialive, Red-Sky and many more
  • Attractive pricing for a hit and new users

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Adfocus - RTB platform - pay only for the effects

RTB platform
  • Top-class RTB platform with worldwide reach
  • Use personalised retargeting - display ads relevant to the content of the visited site
  • Increase conversion rate up to 5 times, and average order value by 2 times
  • Intelligent, dynamic ads creations
  • Choose one of 9 product recommendation strategies, depending on type of your campaign
  • Use pre-targeting, geotargeting, targeting for specific AdExchange system and targeting for chosen websistes

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