Netsprint Adserver is contextual ad serving platform developed and managed by Netsprint


"Big kudos to the team for their support for advertisers and partners. Bluerank specialists using the Netsprint contextual system appreciate the way in which the search engine cares for the quality of advertising space. Copywriters think highly of the editorial rules used by NetSprint, which (in contrast to the rules imposed by other search engines) do not hamper creativity, allowing us to create original advertising copies."

Maciej Gałecki, CEO SEM Agency - Bluerank


"Advertising by means of the WP/Netsprint search engine and the contextual system is a source of high quality traffic. It is easy to modify advertising messages, and we can make use of graphical visualisations and the auction system for specifying the cost per click. These functions make this tool a perfect solution for every (e)marketing employee."

Maciej Ziemczonek, Manager, Marketing Department Ceneo

"Sponsored links on the WP/Netsprint search engine and in the contextual network are one of the major sources of traffic on our website."

Anna Szczepankowska, Country Manager

Cube Group S.A.

"NetSprint is a partner we can recommend to everyone. The NetSprint team puts a lot of effort into improving the quality of their advertising services by listening to the clients and learning about their ever-changing needs. Especially recommended is the contextual advertising system, which is moderated and monitored manually by the search engine team. Websites from the NetSprint portfolio are characterized by a high quality and careful selection."

Andrzej Cudny, Cube Group S.A.

ESKK Sp. z o.o.

"We have been constantly using the WP/NetSprint search engine for our advertising campaigns since 2004. The chief pros include the attractive discounts, easy campaign management and high profitability."
Marek Janusiewicz, Internet Manager ESKK Sp. z o.o.

Grupa PGD

"Innovative tools, intuitive account management and the support and help we get from the NetSprint team allow us to maximize the advantages of search engine and contextual network advertising."


Marcin Wojciechowski, Regional Marketing Coordinator Grupa PGD

NaviExpert Sp. z o.o.

"Sponsored links in the search results and the contextual network offered by Wirtualna Polska and NetSprint are a great tool for communicating and gaining new clients. After we started to use this kind of advertising our company noted a significant increase in the number of visits on our website, as well as increased sales in our own sales system."

Paweł Kozłowski, Member of the Board, Sales and Marketing

NaviExpert Sp. z o.o.

Open Finance

"NetSprint advertising gives us measurable benefits. The unit conversion cost is among the lowest in the market, while the share in acquiring new clients is growing constantly."

Michał Oracz, SEM Manager

Open Finance S.A.

"Sponsored links on the Wp/ search engine are an effective method of promotion for our company. The extensive coverage and professional consultant support are the main reasons why sponsored links give us measurable advertising results."

Dariusz Topolewski, President S.A.

Performance Media

"NetSprint stands out from others due to the effectiveness of advertising and the extensive coverage offered by the contextual system. NetSprint is a company which constantly improves the quality of its products and I believe that NetSprint has a lot of surprises in store in the nearest future:-)."

Jacek Chrusciany, Business Development Director Performance Media

redNet Media

"Advertising using WP/Netsprint and the contextual network is a source of new users for the website. These users are highly active and their loyalty is well above average. The ease of use and the convenient campaign setting methods are undoubtedly great advantages.""

Marcin Strzałkowski, Sales Director redNet Media

START hotel

"Our cooperation with the NetSprint search engine is a good idea for reaching potential clients. The tool is especially useful when we have to advertise/sell a certain product very quickly."

Adam Iwanowski, e-Marketing Manager PUHIT

Agito S.A.

"Efficient product searching is one of the most important functions for online stores, such as It affects directly the conversion and revenue growth. NetSprint eCommerce is a tool that will allow us to learn about our customers’ needs in a better way.”

Tomasz Sypuła, President Agito S.A.

Edda Media

"We chose NetSprint as our strategic partner in delivering an enterprise search solution due to their rich experience in this field, highly qualified personnel and comprehensive understanding of Publisher’s needs. The cooperation between us has confirmed that NetSprint delivers advanced solutions (NetSprint Information Access Platform) based on a very flexible, stable and modular platform. Implementation of its technology enables us to better present our content to our users and as a result improves user’s experience and usage of our portals. Besides, we are very impressed with the standards of NetSprint customer service as well as very rapid support from their experienced IT specialists during the implementation process and beyond.

Jan Moberg, CEO
Edda Media

IDG Poland S.A.

"By implementing a professional search system at, we can focus on our basic activities, which means developing the most exciting technology-related content on the Web. Thanks to the cooperation with the NetSprint company, our readers have gained a great searching method, while our advertisers – a new, attractive form of advertising. Next year, we are going to make use of NetSprint competence to search the content of the remaining 20 IDG websites.

Michał Kreczmar, Website Publisher

IDG Poland S.A. 

PTK Centertel

"Before we selected our new search and information indexing system, we analyzed all the options available. We examined systems from numerous suppliers, both Polish and foreign, as well as Open Source solutions. We also analyzed the possibility of developing our own, proprietary system. Due to the limited amount of time and the possible costs of development, we chose to purchase a ready product. Other key criteria included the Polish inflexion support and the possibility to adapt the solution to peculiar requirements of PTK Centertel. The only product that meets all of our requirements is Netsprint Intranet."

Tomasz Żelski, Internet Technology Division Manager PTK Centertel

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