Netsprint Adserver is contextual ad serving platform developed and managed by Netsprint

Netsprint is a dynamically developing new technology company. The company was established in 2001 and specializes in technology solutions that support internet marketing. It provides solutions for the largest Internet companies on Europe’s key markets.

The tagline of our business strategy is “technology driven marketing”. Our mission is to provide marketers, who are having to face many new challenges, with cutting-edge solutions, including real-time bidding [RTB], audience targeting, adaptive marketing and advanced personalization. We can help you respond to new challenges, better understand and grasp the opportunities that are opening up owing to the technological development of successful marketing communications. Our operations are split into 4 areas that follow a natural developmental cycle of marketers’ needs: BRING - how to bring new users and customers, CONVERT - how to maximize conversion, MONETIZE - how to boost profits and UNDERSTAND - better understanding of the needs of users for improving marketing efforts

Over the past 11 years we have evolved from a company mainly known for its search engine into a provider of our own original complex solutions to support marketers. We aspire to be seen as a company that combines technical competence and business expertise. A company with insight into customer key needs in the area of marketing communications. A company that is instrumental to achieve one’s set goals.

Our main tools providing support of how to meet the needs from BRING area include Adkontekst, Poland’s largest contextual and behavioral targeting advertising network, ContentStream, a content marketing network, and Adfocus - RTB platform with a global reach, designed to conduct marketing campaigns using personalised retargeting technology. Once a marketer has managed to attract web traffic, conversion (CONVERT) poses a new challenge. Our offer in this area is based on three platforms: Netsprint Search - an effective tool for information search and contextual data presentation, Netsprint Audience - instrumental in user data collection and building marketing profiles and Netsprint Adserver - a platform for ad and content personalization.

To answer the needs of publishers who want to boost revenue from their services (MONETIZE), our tools can associate ads with any context and advanced user profile while delivering to our customers a variety of website functionalities provided by Adkontekst network, ContentStream and two platforms - Netsprint Audience and Netsprint Adserver.

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