Netsprint Adserver is contextual ad serving platform developed and managed by Netsprint

Netsprint was set up in 2000 by four private persons as an Internet startup.

Our first objective was to develop Poland’s best Internet search engine. Owing to our advanced algorithms, the ability to focus on Polish users’ needs and the flexibility of our platform, the number of users and portals opting for our solution was growing fast., an Internet portal, became our first customer. In 2001, we started and began setting up a network of portals using Netsprint and displaying Sponsored Links for our advertisers. One year later, in 2002, we struck a cooperation agreement with Wirtualna Polska, a portal that opted for our search engine.

In 2004, we expanded our offer to be able to include sponsored links. The product was geared towards small and medium-size companies operating on local markets which did not need a nationwide advertising campaigns. A new, expanded version of our search engine was made available in the same year. Internet users gained access to a database containing graphics, PWN encyclopedia, and a comprehensive dictionary of foreign languages, Our company’s logotype was changed.

In 2004, Netsprint was ranked No. 7 in Rising Star ranking of Fast 50 technological businesses of Eastern Europe. The ranking was prepared by Deloitte Consulting, the world's largest management consulting firm.

One year later, in cooperation with Wirtualna Polska, we launched Traffic Index, a novel search algorithm, which could - as one of the first algorithms in the world - take into account traffic analysis of respective services. The mechanism could assess the objective value of online services, was fighting unfair positioning of websites and provided users with quality latest content. Owing to our collaboration with Eniro Polska, we started to list phone numbers and addresses of companies in our search results. We granted access to a database containing information of 1,100,000 companies listed in Panorama Firm. We also launched - Poland’s first search engine specializing in latest news.

2005 marked a launch of Adkontekst developed together with Wirtualna Polska. The system allows to display contextual ads on the websites of our partner services. Ads are contextually matched to website content and to the profile of a service.

In the same year we introduced NetSprint Intranet - a solution searching through the company’s Internet resources. The introduction of the product was a part of our strategy to strengthen our presence on the market of corporate search solutions. In the coming years we consistently aimed at developing search solutions geared towards the needs of large news portals, Yellow Pages, online shops and classifieds.

In 2006 we gained a strategic investor, an international media group Orkla Media (later changed to Mecom Europe). This change boosted our efforts to develop new products and provided a solid basis for our company’s expansion to foreign markets.

In 2007, in cooperation with Norway’s Opoint AS, we launched Newspoint, an innovative service of Internet communication monitoring. This comprehensive solution makes it possible to collect and manage information and news released on the Internet (in a total of 10,000 portals in many European countries).

We introduced substantial improvements to our search engine. Our users were able to see a full answer to their queries right at the top of the search result list. To help our users find more precise answers to their queries, we created NetSprint User Guide which was divided into six main sections: Education, Travel, Hobby, Money, Entertainment and Others.

We intensively continued to develop our network of contextual advertising whose range in December, 2007, for the first time exceeded 10,000,000 UU a month. At the beginning of 2008, our offer was further extended to include graphic ads - Adkontekst Exclusive, i.e. contextual advertising displayed in Adkontekst network, which apart from a typical advertising text also included a graphic element, e.g. a logo of an advertiser. Adkontekst became available for advertisers and publishers of our contextual advertising network since until then its availability was limited to the partner network only. Our advertising system run by Adkontekst covered both search engine results in and Netsprint and the networks of our partner services. We introduced a payment model in which an advertiser could influence ad ranking through changing the price for a click.

In 2008, we created a new version of corporate solution platform - Netsprint Advanced Search Platform (NASP) - which was to be used in all our future projects. We implemented a taxonomy module to automatically classify documents. Online publishers with extensive archives gained a useful tool to multiply their profits owing to NetSprint Information Access Platform.

Our revenue in 2009 reached 13.1 million PLN, which compared to 2008 (9.7 million) meant an increase of 34%. The increase was possible owing to our quick expansion abroad. We continued to implement a strategy introduced at the beginning of 2008 which focused on B2B solutions and on adjusting all our products to be implemented in multi-language versions. Our original solution developed to manage PPC ad display (nsContext) was implemented in several European countries to become the strongest alternative for Google AdSense in some of these markets. Since 2009, NetSprint has been a particularly active player in Denmark (OpenAdExchange network), Norway (, Lithuania and Latvia (Textads).

The range of our advertising network Adkontekst has increased from 11.5 to almost 16 million real users. Which in practical terms means that our advertising displayed through the network reaches 91.8% of all Internet users in Poland. We managed to increase the range of the network owing to attracting a variety of leading content producers, including portal Interia, services, INFOR PL S.A., Media Regionalne, Presspublika, Polskapresse, AxelSpringer, Edipresse and G+J. A boost to our profits following Adkontekst network expansion is closely linked to the development of new ad products, and particularly to the emergence of in-text advertising - Intertext, Intertext Exclusive (text and graphic ads plus Flash format).

In April, 2008, Netsprint was Poland’s first company to introduce into the market an advanced system of blog and forum monitoring - Newspoint UGC (at present Newspoint Social Media). The service was also implemented in Lithuania. NetSprint also started selling its trade reports.

2009 marks for Netsprint a period of rapid development of Enterprise Search solutions geared towards large content providers, i.e. news portals, e-commerce and yellow & white pages. A new solution developed by our specialists, Information Access Platform, was implemented for the first time both at the home and foreign markets, including INFOR PL S.A., Presspublika, Berlingske Media (a Danish publishing house) and a Norwegian media group Edda Media. NetSprint also implemented its new search solution for Opoint, a Norwegian media monitoring company that operates in 6 European countries.

In 2010 NetSprint successfully implemented its original creation, nsContext platform, in Investor.BG AD, a Bulgarian media company (called on the Bulgarian market), and in InternetCorp, a Romanian media firm. We managed to gain yet another partner for Newspoint. This time on the Lithuanian market. Adkontekst, our contextual advertising network, introduced a new product - a combination of text and graphic called Adkontest Image.

In 2011, we focused on launching several innovative tools into the market. In March, we presented seofriend, Poland’s first solution to help editors of online services prepare search engine friendly content. Later that year, in November, we introduced ContentStream, a new online marketing tool, developed to provide an alternative for Google and Facebook in attracting new users and increasing revenue for content services.

We also implemented our successful ad server system for a number of important players on the Polish market, NK, Onet and Our search solutions turned out to be equally popular with customers. AOX, an original search system developed by NetSprint, was launched on two Danish city services: (“Alt om København” - “All about Copenhagen”) and (“Alt om Aarhus” - “All about Aarhus”). The successive customers were TVP and Hubert Burda Media, a publishing group.

And last but not least, in 2011 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Netsprint. We decided to mark the occasion by doing something good for the world. We asked our staff members first to put forward and then to choose in a secret vote an organization we would donate money to. Our employees decided to support Warsaw’s Oncological Centre. The donation was first sent to “Tam i z powrotem” (“There and back”), a foundation fighting against cancer, and then to the Oncological Centre.

2012 was a year of new strategic alliances. Newspoint was again implemented abroad. After successful operations in Lithuania and Norway, this time our solution for collecting data from social media was chosen by Austria Presse Agentur (APA). Netsprint signed a contract with the Danish branch of Eniro to further develop the contextual advertising network in Denmark. It was a continuation of Netsprint’s cooperation with a network owned by Open Adexchange Denmark which was in June taken over by Eniro. In Poland, the portal introduced EasyAd, a self-service text and graphic advertising tool, developed in cooperation with Netsprint. By early May, 2012, Netsprint’s search engine implemented in the Norwegian system Opoint Monitor indexed 1,000,000,000 documents which makes Netsprint’s solution one of the most extensive databases of media releases in Europe.

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