Netsprint Adserver is contextual ad serving platform developed and managed by Netsprint

NetSprint Information Access Platform on a Norwegian classifieds portal


NetSprint’s search solution, Information Access Platform, has been implemented in Norway’s third largest local classified ads service that belongs to Edda Media. The software developed by NetSprint helps users of Edda Media’s news portals to find the most interesting job, property and car offers. NetSprint’s search solution, Information Access Platform, allows to search for information […]


Eniro Denmark to become NetSprint’s new partner in Denmark


NetSprint has signed an agreement with the Danish branch of Eniro to continue a development of contextual advertising network in Denmark. This maintains NetSprint’s cooperation with Open Adexchange Denmark network which recently has been taken over by Eniro. The company’s Danish branch has acquired all the rights and assets that belonged to Open Adexchange on […]


Information centres operated by Norway’s second largest content provider are based on NetSprint solutions


Edda Media, one of Norway’s largest content providers, has implemented yet another solution based on Information Access Platform technology developed by which makes it easier for the users to access complete, both current and archival, information about topics they are interested in. SEO Topic Pages are a quick and efficient tool to create a […]

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