Netsprint Adserver is contextual ad serving platform developed and managed by Netsprint

Adkontekst Image – New Ad Product in Adkontekst Network


The Contextual Ad Network Adkontekst has introduced a new ad product. Adkontekst Image is a combination of graphic and text which significantly strengthens the advertising message. Adkontekst Image is the next step of the strategy aimed at making the offer more attractive, both for advertisers and publishers in the Adkontekst network. After the introduction of […]


NetSprint and InternetCorp establish a contextual network in Romania


NetSprint has launched its platform nsContext in Romanian media company, InternetCorp. The company is one of leading independent online publishers with a portfolio that currently includes twelve successful portals and websites in the Romanian Internet. The implemented solution is based on NetSprint-created platform nsContext. The platform was developed by NetSprint on the basis of many […]

more.. joins AMEC

14.06.2010 as the first media monitoring company in Poland, has joined The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC). NetSprint has become the first Polish company to join AMEC, a global trade body representing companies who specialize in communications research. AMEC is the global trade body and professional institute for agencies and practitioners […]


NetSprint IAP Solution in New Travel Search Engine QTravel


Q&Q company launched its new travel service based on the NetSprint Information Access Platform eTravel technology. NetSprint was specially adapted to the needs of clients from the travel sector. The search system simultaneously scans 2.5 million current travel offers from over 30 travel agencies. provides a „Quick Travel Search” comprising a full-text travel […]


NetSprint: sixth implementation of nsContext platform abroad


NetSprint has completed another implementation of its platform nsContext. This time the solution was launched at the Bulgarian Internet media company Investor.BG AD under the name This is the sixth implementation of the platform, which enables publishers to manage sales and display of different contextual ad formats on their and partner websites. Investor.BG AD […]


NetSprint: foreign expansion and 34% growth in 2009


The company NetSprint summarized its last year’s activities and announced its official plans for 2010. In 2009 the enterprise had revenues of PLN 13.1 mln, which amounts to a 34% growth in comparison to 2008 (PLN 9.7 mln). This increase was possible, among other things, due to the company’s quick expansion outside Poland. The enterprise […]


The gambling commission in the media – NewsPoint and Newton Media report


The Newton Media and NewsPoint prepared the report summarizing the information about the gambling commission in the media. Press and the Internet coverage from beginning of the November, 2009 to February, the 12th, was studied.


Cooperation between AdSearch and Adkontekst


The advertising network AdSearch owned by S.A., one of the biggest portals in Poland has teamed up with (owner of agreed to provide its original software nsContext used for sales management and contextual placement of in-text advertisements in the form of underlined words. The cooperation also includes presenting advertisements from the […]


Netsprint to Introduce IAP in Danish Publishing Group Berlingske Media


NetSprint and leading Danish publishing group have signed a contract to implement the Information Access Platform, which would enable, among other things, the search within published articles and online videos as well as the search by means of mobile devices. Berlingske Media is one of the biggest press and online publishers in Denmark. It owns […]

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