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NewsPoint solutions – bigger extend and new functionality for Christmas


NewsPoint, the first Polish e-monitoring company, introduced monitoring of opinions from price comparison websites in the NewsPoint UGC, so the system remarkably extended the number of monitored websites. Simultaneously, the NewsPoint solutions increased the number of monitored portals. In the first quarter of 2010, NewsPoint UGC will monitor also microblogs.


Deposits versus savings accounts – the and NewsPoint report


NewsPoint and financial portal prepared report about deposits and savings accounts. Articles publicated on Polish portals in last 6 months, were analyzed.


The Tomek agent is acting on the Polish Internet – the NewsPoint report


Due to last affairs linked to the Central Anticorruption Bureau, the “Tomek” name became popular on the Internet like never before. The NewsPoint analysts prepared qualitative report summarizing the appearance of phrases “agent Tomek” and “Tomek” in last two months. Analysis based on data from all sources monitored by our systems NewsPoint and NewsPoint UGC: […]


Polanski’s case as seen by the Internet users and portals


NewsPoint analysts prepared qualitative and quantitative report summarizing reactions of the Internet users and portals to Roman Polanski’s arrestment. The report contains information about number of press clippings about Polanski, their tonality and number of quotations of other celebrities and politicians speaking about the director.


Nobel Prize for Barack Obama in portals and social media – NewsPoint analysis


The very intensive discussion started on the Internet on the day of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama. The Internet users wondered if the present president of the USA should even receive this award.


NewsPoint UGC – already 180,000 sources and new features to measure PR outcomes


In less than six months after launch of NewsPoint UGC, a service for monitoring blogs and forums, NetSprint has doubled the number of sources it covers. The number of included forums has increased from 44,000 to more than 90,000, and the number of blogs from 29,000 to 70,000. At the same time, the company added […]


NetSprint implements the nsContext platform at Edda Media from Norway


NetSprint has completed another foreign implementation of its proprietary adserver solution. The nsContext platform has been launched at AdPower (, the Norwegian advertising network managed by Edda Media AS, a leading media company from Norway. The solution, customized to Norwegian language characteristic, is based on the proprietary nsContext platform. It has been developed by NetSprint […]


Adkontekst introduces flash ads


Adkontekst, the advertising network, expands its portfolio with a new ad format – Adkontekst Flash in intertext ads. It becomes yet another ad format available as an Intertext option (in addition to Adkontekst Exclusive and Adkontekst Text). The display of Adkontekst Flash ads is managed by an advanced contextual matching algorithm, and they are settled […]


Adkontekst ads on Grono


Advertising network Adkontekst established cooperation with in order to serve ads on the website. Since August Adkontekst advertisers can promote their products and services on one of the best-known social networking websites in Poland. enjoys 300 million page views per month and has over 2 million registered users. As part of the cooperation […]


NewsPoint introduces media analysis reports


NewsPoint, the internet monitoring department of, launches its new service – the NewsPoint Reports. The Reports are in-depth media analysis of internet clippings. As the first Polish media monitoring company, NetSprint offers also analysis of content from blogs and forums. The reports can also include analyses of press coverage and broadcast records from radio […]

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