Netsprint Adserver is contextual ad serving platform developed and managed by Netsprint

NewsPoint monitors over 2000 websites


More than 18 months after its launch, the’s NewsPoint service provides the broadest Internet monitoring in Poland. The number of Polish websites covered by NewsPoint monitoring has increased fourfold since last year’s June.

more.. searches websites of INFOR PL S.A.

17.11.2008 has implemented the NetSprint Site search solution for INFOR PL S.A. The application provides a capability to search through all electronic content published by INFOR PL S.A. and its subsidiaries.


Site Search – a new opportunity for profit for partners of the Adkontekst network


The Adkontekst contextual advertising network introduces a new product for owners of websites which actively use a search engine to search through their content, such as: portals, e-commerce sites, auction sites and real estate sites, classifieds and price comparison engines.


PerformanceMEDIA and Cube Group SA – the first certified partners of the Adkontekst network


PerformanceMEDIA and Cube Group SA are the first companies to become certified partners of the Adkontekst network. Both interactive agencies have met all prerequisites to obtain such status – both financial and formal ones, i.e. they have passed a final exam in managing a SEM campaign in the Adkontekst network.


A report by NewsPoint and Info-PR: Online PR of cultural events in the Summer 2008


A joint report by NewsPoint and info-PR provides a summary of the coverage of selected 22 cultural events by the online media over the last holidays. The analysis encompasses 22 events, such as film and arts festivals, pop music festivals and festivals of music for connoisseurs.


Adkontekst launches a certification program for consultants and partners


As of October, the Adkontekst network launches a certification program for consultants and partners. This program has been designed for search engine marketing specialists who want to verify their skills in creating and managing SEM campaigns within the Adkontekst network. The initiative is addressed to both individuals (who can gain the Certified Adkontekst Consultant status) […]


Intertext – new type of advertising in Adkontekst network


As of mid-September, Adkontekst is going to introduce a new type of advertising called Intertext. It is a sort of contextual advertising which is displayed within articles published on Adkontekst partner websites as soon as a mouse cursor hovers over a word highlighted in the text.


NetSprint’s expansion into foreign markets – successful implementation of contextual advertising in Lithuania


NetSprint completed the first implementation of the NetSprint Adserver contextual advertising system outside of Poland. The client is the Lithuanian company Textads, which owns the largest contextual advertising network in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Thanks to NetSprint’s solution, Textads can manage advertising on several hundred Lithuanian-speaking websites. By the end of September, the system will […]


NetSprint Information Access Platform – a new Enterprise Search solution in the European market


NetSprint introduces a solution for searching and contextual presentation of website content – NetSprint Information Access Platform. The solution is addressed to major European online publishers (e.g. news portals) who want to make use of their content in an optimal way. NetSprint IAP improves website usefulness and makes it easier for users to find all […]


CEOs of banks in the online media – a NewsPoint report


NewsPoint, together with a finance portal, prepared a report on the image of selected CEOs of banks in the online media. The quantitative analysis covered articles published between August 1, 2007 and July 31, 2008. It included 18 CEOs of the best-known Polish banks. Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, CEO of Pekao SA, ranked as the […]

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